Permasnap® & Permasnap® Plus

Permasnap® offers excellent wind protection, with an FM 1-90 rating and a 20-year, 110 mph warranty. With an internal gutter systems that eliminates caulked joints and butyl tapes, Permasnap provides an easy, clean installation. Learn more >>

Permasnap® 2 & Permasnap 2® Plus!

Permasnap® 2 Coping is specifically engineered to meet the recently developed SPRI/FM 4435 ES-1 Wind Design Standard. Learn more >>

Continuous Cleat Coping®

Hickman's Continuous Cleat Coping features a continuous 20ga. anchor cleat and is covered by our 110 mph Excel Warranty. Learn more >>

Shadowline Coping

Hickman's Shadowline coping features an attractive indented profile adding visual depth to the parapet edge. Learn more >>


Hickman's BULLNOZE parapet wall coping provides the bold look of masonry with the versatility of sheet metal. A unique symmetrical locator cleat keeps adjacent pieces in perfect alignment. BULLNOZE features a 20-year, 110 mph warranty and up to a FM 1-135 Wind Storm Rating. Learn more >>

Coping Accessories

Hickman manufacturers an extensive line of factory-fabricated coping accessories that provide superior performance, a precise fit and a beautiful finish for any structure. This line includes corners, end caps, transitions, pier or pilaster caps, curved or arched coping caps. Learn more >>

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How Fast Can I Get It?
  • Standard Hickman Products
  • Time*
  • Prefinished (Standard colors) with folded or metal-lock accessories
  • 7 days
  • Prefinished (Standard colors) with up to 30 welded accessories
  • 10 days
  • Post-finished with non-exotic Kynar colors
  • 15 days

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